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亚博视频直播_【战术板】凯恩孙兴慜暴走+只差满血贝尔 “前朝遗毒”坑苦穆帅

After 20 years of coaching and commanding the game to reach 953 games, Mourinho encountered the "embarrassment" of a 3-goal lead but only a draw in the end. In this London Derby with West Ham, in the 90 minutes of ups and downs in the plot and constant accidents, the tactical gains and losses of both sides deserve to be savored.


Tottenham (4-2-3-1):


West Ham United (5-4-1):


After the early polishing of the season, Mourinho's Tottenham has gradually taken shape, and the key to this system is divided into two aspects:


From the 5-2 victory over Southampton, Tottenham’s quick impact tactics entered the harvest period after it was formed. This extremely "simplified" transmission from back to front allows them to give full play to Kane's support role and the advantages of speed players such as Sun Xingmin. Even in the organization period when encountering opponents' encirclement and suppression restrictions, Tottenham can use the "instant dispersal" of the midfielders to gain more space for passing or running.


Needless to say how terrifying Mourinho's rapid impact system is when he can complete an effective organization in the midfield. When Bell recovers and integrates smoothly, the complete "KBS" frontcourt trident will be even more terrifying.

毋庸置疑,穆里尼奥能够在中场完成高效的组织工作时,他的快速冲击系统多么令人恐惧。当贝尔恢复并顺利整合时,完整的“ KBS”前场三叉戟将变得更加恐怖。

Although the lineup was 541 formation, Moyes' strategy for this battle was more radical: the formation premise.


More importantly, Tottenham now likes their opponents to attack.


We can see that the vast majority of West Ham's steals and interceptions in the first half of the game occurred in Tottenham's half, but the foul data was concentrated in their own half. Combined with the actual situation of the team's formation premise, it is easy to explain: West Ham's high-post press has a certain effect, but Tottenham has played enough quick counterattacks. In this case, West Ham's backcourt defense is very empty and difficult, and can only make more fouls before Tottenham attackers enter the threat area.


Once the gap is too big to be covered by the defense and the foul is difficult to stop, then the problem is very obvious.


From the above two goals, we can see:


First of all, West Ham's high press is indeed effective, but after Tottenham steals the ball, it has formed an effective transfer locally. After forming an open position, Kane's long pass gave Sun Xingmin the opportunity to single out the defensive player; secondly, after Tottenham stole the ball, they found space through transfer, which was extremely concise and effective. Finally, Reggie Lung assisted Kane to score.

首先,西汉姆联的压制确实是有效的,但是在托特纳姆热刺抢断球之后,它已经在当地形成了有效的传球。在建立一个空缺位置后,凯恩的长传给了孙兴民一个挑选防守球员的机会。其次,托特纳姆热刺队将球偷走之后,他们通过转移找到了空间,这非常简洁有效。最后,雷吉·隆(Reggie Lung)协助凯恩(Kane)得分。

In the second half of the game, West Ham was still looking for a high position, but the effect was much better than in the first half, even if it still gave Tottenham a lot of counterattacks.


what is the reason? Tottenham's recovery! On this point, Mourinho gave the answer in an interview after the game: "The team's formation has been retreating, which was not intended. After Winks played, we achieved a balance."


The suppression brought by West Ham's shock cannot be set aside, but the key point for Tottenham is that the midfielder's physical fitness is no longer sufficient to limit it. Spurs are the team with the most intensive start to the Premier League this season. They need to play the Europa League qualifiers, which is a huge squeeze on the team. Moreover, before this game is the national team game day. The key point of the hardness of the midfield, Hoibel had fewer rotations before, and played 178 minutes in the national team game. In addition, although Ndombele has made many appearances after he recovered from injury, his physical fitness has been unable to support the audience. This is why Mourinho replaced him with Winks with running coverage. Of course, Sun Xingmin's fate and Antonio's impact on Tottenham's defense are also important factors.


In this situation, Tottenham’s own problems will show up when their opponents are struggling to attack: the personal worries of the team’s defense-Sanchez is a player who "does more, makes more mistakes" and has shortcomings in his defensive skills. Riye often made low-level turnovers on the defensive end.


In the last moments when he was only leading by 1 goal, Olier's most correct approach should be to clear the ball directly, but he chose to pause and observe the position of his teammates, and then try to send the pass; obviously, the West Ham players who are eager to score goals quickly go up Grab and win this finally created magic free kick.


Recall that Mourinho took over Tottenham’s first game halfway through last season. The team defeated West Ham 3-2. In that game, Tottenham lost two goals after a 3-0 lead. It's melee and set ball. For Tottenham, who lacks a defensive core, a central defender with leadership qualities is a necessity, which is also Mourinho's previous transfer needs. It is only for various reasons that Tottenham did not make up the central defender this summer.


It is not only hard power that determines the outcome of the game, but effective tactical layout is also a key factor. Of course, we cannot ignore the reasons for mental power and luck. As Mourinho said after the game, if Kane hit the goal frame and scored from a long range, or Bale scored that good chance, Moyes's team may not be able to perform miracles. But this is where football is fascinating.


For Tottenham, losing 2 points in this way is not the end, after all, the league is a marathon. Finding the problem as early as possible and effectively avoiding it can improve the fault tolerance rate. Tottenham's offensive system is fully formed, and West Ham United, which has significantly improved compared with last season, what they can do in the next Premier League, we will wait and see.


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